Restaurant "v Zatisi" Prague, Czech Republic



This is a review of my visit to the restaurant “V Zatisi” in the historical center of Prague, in the Czech Republic.

I have already written a short statement in tripadvisor, as I believe that good work should be commented upon, especially for cities like Prague which do not exactly have a reputation of good dining.

I confess that I was prejudiced against Czech food, considering it more beer-hall food, rich in animal fat and poor in taste.

My visit to “V Zatisi” proved to me that with luck a visitor to Prague can have a delicious meal at a very reasonable price.

First Movement: Adaggio

It was a little after 2 pm in a very cold day (-12 degrees centigrade). My one day visit to Prague was from a business pespective over, as my meeting was concluded and I had a few hours to enjoy a decent meal before catching the flight back to my origin. These one day trips are usually tiring, and a good meal is the best antidote to the rat race.

I was greeted by LiborPavlicek, who recommended to me a menu of local dishes and local wines. I started with the Kulajda Soup, which is a traditional Bohemian soup with sour cream, mushrooms, dill, and quail egg.

The soup was delicious, with an extra touch of acidity which is due to the fact that the dill is pickled. I was impressed by the meaty texture of the mushrooms. Overall, an excellent start.

Second Movement: Allegro

Second course was a wonderful surprise, tender bites of mead roasted quails with barley risotto.

The quail was juicy, tender, gamey in flavor, as it should, while the risotto was crunchy and delicious .

I enjoyed it with a glass of “Rulandske sede” ie Pinot Gris, 2009, from Poddvorov. I was impressed by the fruity aroma of this wine. Highly enjoyable.

Third Movement: Vivace

The main course was the special of the day. Beef cheeks with potato gnocchi.

The meat was full of gelatin, tender and juicy, the red wine sauce thick and tasty, the potato gnocchi with parmezan, overall a well executed dish, to keep you going for many hours.

The cheeks were accompanied by a glass of “Zweigeltrebe” 2009 from Poddvorov.  It is a red wine that is popular in Austria and the Czech Republic. In the Wikipedia link you can read some of the background of the grape. I enjoyed its subtlety and comprehensive after taste.

Fourth Movement: Allegretto

To conclude an excellent meal, I opted for the vanilla bean creme brulee, which is my all time favourite desert.

Libor kindly suggested a glass of “Ryzlink rynsky”2007, from Popice. This is a sweet Rieslink made from a sdelection od dried grapes. Its taste was elegant, fruity, almost noble. A great finish to a great meal.


  1. Άλλη μια ωραία γευστική εμπειρία. Θαθελα να μάθω να φιαχνω μανιταροσουπα μονη μου. Λατρευω τα μανιτάρια. Λέω να αρχίσω να πειραματιζομαι. Κάπως έτσι φτάνουμε στην ικανοποίηση της επιτυχίας. Ο ανηθος πως γίνεται πικλα; Το κοτσανακι;
    Με εμπνεετε οπως πάντα!

    • δεσποιναριον!!!!!!!!!!!!
      δεν ξερω για την πικλα του ανιθου, αλλα την απαντηση την εδωσες ηδη: πειραματισμος!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Α!!Νομιζω πως αυτο το ποστ θα μου φανει πολυ χρησιμο τον αλλο μηνα που σχεδιαζω να παω στην Πραγα.Οπως παντα η προταση σου μοιζει πολυ δελεαστικη.Ειναι ενα γευμα που φαινεται απλο αλλα απο την περιγραφη σου μοιαζει τελειο.Ταιριαζει και με την αισθητικη αυτου του μπλογκ.
    Στελνω φιλια

    • γιαννα!!!!!!!!!!!
      το μενου ειναι οτι πρεπει για κρυο καιρο!!!!!!!!
      καλα ταξιδια

  3. Πήγα στην Πράγα το περασμένο φθινόπωρο και διαπίστωσα την βελτίωση της κουζίνας σε σχέση με παλαιότερη επίσκεψη πριν από δέκα χρόνια. Η λυπαρή κουζίνα της μπύρας έχει εκλεπτισθεί και είναι πλέον πιο σύμφωνη με την εκπληκτική Art Deco αρχιτεκτονική της πόλης.
    Ελπίζω την επόμενη φορά να μπορέσω να πάω στο “V Zatisi”.

    • μανολη!!!!!!!!!!!
      οπωσδηποτε να πας και να βρεις τον Λιμπορ!!!!!!

    • ναταλια!!!!!!!
      προκειται περι νεας μορφης συνθεσεως, gastro-symphony

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