Sitophilia: When a Hamburger is …."More than just a piece of meat" – New Edition Feb 6 2013


“In Seijun Suzuki’s 1967 film Branded to Kill, protagonist Goro Hanada (Joe Shishido) has a food fetish in which he must sniff boiling rice in order to become sexually aroused or enthiusiastic about his life and career as a hitman.” Source: Wikipedia.

Yes, you read correctly. Food can lead to sexual excitement, arousal, and so on. Are you eating a hamburger? May be on the surface this is what you are doing, but in essence, you could be having sex.

This post pays a tribute to sitophilia, as it is brilliantly expressed in the video clips that follow, artistic creations I should say, that expound the magic ability of food in the realm of sex.

<Sitophilia is a composite word of Greek origin. “Sito(s)” is “wheat”, and “philia” in this context  is “liking”.>

In some cases, the inevitable parody creeps in, only to remind us that nothing is sacred. For example, while Padma is having multiple orgasms devouring a hamburger, Mike manages to create disgust and loathing. Enjoy it!!!!

Disclaimer: This post does not in any way refer or criticize the company advertised in the video clips, or its employees and products.

Padma Lakshmi: The Western Bacon Burger

Mike Morano: A parody of the Western Bacon Burger

Girl on mechanical Bull: The Western Bacon Burger

Paris Hilton: The Spicy BBQ Burger

A parody of the Spicy BBQ Burger

Miss Turkey: Turkey Burger

Kim Kardashian: Cranberry Apple Walnut Chicken Salad

New material

An ad for the Southwest Patty Melt.

An ad for the Memphis BBQ Burger

A behind the scenes clip

With all the food, I became thirsty. It’s time for a Tuborg.

Teriyaki Burger


  1. are you with the western bacon burger or the turkish burger?

    εκτός κι αν προτιμάς την Cranberry Apple Walnut Chicken Salad της Κιμ… χαχαχα

    • Ναταλια!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Παιρνω την Μπεντλευ, καθομαι στο πισω καθισμα και εχω διπλα μου ολα τα κοριτσια, εκτος απο εκεινο με τα μουσια. Η συνεχεια ειναι ακαταλληλη…..

  2. Το χαμπουργκερ εφ οσον εχει μαρουλι μεσα .. με τιποτα.
    Το λεμονατο.. κατι μου κανει.

    • Δεσποιναριον!!!!!!!!!!
      Λεμονατο τι; Ποτε δεν ξερεις, παντα μπορεις να μαθεις κατι καινουργιο…….
      Σημειωνω οτι το μαρουλι εχει μεσα του ουσιες που οδηγουν σε χαλαρωση και υπνο, οποτε και το σεξ, αν υπαρξει, με τα μαρουλια, θα ειναι μαλλον κοιμισμενο….

  3. Μην ξεχνάμε και την Κιμ Μπάσιντζερ στις 9 1/2 Εβδομάδες στη σκηνή με τα ζαρζαβατικά και τις φράουλες, εξάλλου νηστεία έχουμε 🙂

    • Ρουλα!!!!!!!!!
      Εμπνευσμενη η σκηνη, σε αριστη φορμα η Κιμ, μια απο τις κορυφαιες στιγμες της σιτοφιλης κοινοτητας.

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