Osho Restaurant, Bucharest, Romania


Bucharest is a big city with a rather dubious reputation for restaurants. In addition to the fast food chains that sell the well known stuff, most of the restaurants in the city serve medium quality food at high prices for the value. I do not need to mention that the top “French” or “Italian” restaurants are mostly mediocre, and primarily places of social encounters rather than top quality food. Osho is a restaurant where this rule is violated. You get best value for a reasonable price, and can socialize as much as you want. And this is a good way to start a relationshsip!

Osho is located in one of the best areas of Bucharest, on the Spring Boulevard (B-dul Primaverii). It occupies the ground floor of a modern building, and its interior is unassuming and reminds me of  a New York deli shop. It is not an accident that the proprietor is an Istanbul-born Turk who has spent more than two decades in America.

When I first visited Osho, the proprietor asked me where I come from and I said Greece. He then said that he comes form Istanbul, which makes us “kardas”.

“kardeş = sibling in standard Turkish, though I think some dialects, especially outside of Turkey pronounce it kardaş. It’s also used as a familiar form of address, like “brother” in English.”

The restaurant prides itself in selling the best aged beef in town. I would just say: “the best beef in the country”. Aged beef is superior in flavor and tenderness to the ordinary beef as we know it. It requires strict temperature and moisture conditions, and is much more expensive than the ordinary beef. However, in my view it is worth every penny.

The first time I visited Osho I tasted the “Delmonico” cut.  According to the Osho owner, the Delmonico he serves is a boneless rib eye.

The steak was excellent: tender and flavorfull, the way real meat should taste. My friends tasted veal chops and were fully satisfied. Unfortunately I could not take any photos this evening, so I cannot show you the served dishes.

The second visit was for lunch. My friends took a cheeseburger and a hamburger, while I has the lamb loin out of curiosity. The votes on the hamburger were very positive.

Could Osho be as good in lamb as they are in beef?

Well, the answer is YES!!!! The lamb was served in stripes of succulent, juicy, tender meat, that had been marinated in spices and was pink inside. In one word: SUPERB!

Thank you guys, see you next time!


  1. Ευχαριστο περιβαλλον και ενδιαφεροντα κομματακια κρεας. Και το αρνακι οντως φαινεται να εχει τελειο ροζ χρωματακι.

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