Palmyra: the marriage of crawfish and cod, on a bed of funghi porcini


Today I proudly present a dish I prepared in honour of my uncle George and my aunt Gail. Its name is Palmyra, for reasons not known yet to the human species.


I got some really fresh crawfish from my fishmonger, and had already in store some excellent salted cod.

So I decided to bring them into matrimony, with the help of funghi porcini that had just arrived in my kitchen.

Funghi Porcini

I boiled the crawfish heads and legs, while I lightly marinated the tail in extra virgin olive oil, a little lemon, and salt.

Crawfish tails

I added the crawfish stock to the funghi and let them loose the extra moisture, while absorbing the flavour.

Salted cod "boiling" in olive oil

A few centimeters away, I put a lot of olive oil in a deep pan, added some garlic, and after it got to about 50 degrees, I added the cod and let it “boil” there.

Funghi with crawfish stock and butter

In the meantime, I added butter to the funghi and after I took the pan off the heat, I added the tails and let them there for 60 seconds.


To plate the dish I added somechopped parseley and served.


The sweetness and tenderness of the crawfish tails, countere balanced the ferocity of the funghis’ earthy flavours, while the sublime cod fillet played the role of the mediator.

P.S. Next time I ill add more garlic ot the funghi.


    • Τρελοτουριστρια! Παντα με τον καλο τον λογο εισαι βρε παιδι μου, γιατι δεν μπορω να πιστεψω οτι παντοτε εισαι τοσο πεινασμενη! Σε καθε περιπτωση, το απολαμβανω και σε ευχαριστω.

    • Thank you, thank you my Dearest! Please try it and let me know what you think after you taste it. Greetings from Athens.

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