Tracey Emin – British Artist

Tracey Emin - Photo: Scott Douglas MacNee

Doing cycles in the world of Art, today I have the immense pleasure of  hosting Tracey Emin, a British enfant terrible. As she approaches 50, Emin does not let go of the relentless defiance that epitomizes her style.

Tracey Emin: My Bed

“My Bed”, first created in 1998, was exhibited in TatGallery in 1999 and was shortlisted for the Turner Prize. Although it did not win it, it created a furore.

Tracey Emin: Sweet Thing

Emin’s ‘Sweet Thing’ was based on Robert Barn’s poem ‘Nine Inch Will Please a Lady’.

Emin has already created a mulitude of little drawings, the most famous one being a series on female masturbation.

Text-based neon signs have been current in art since the 1960s. The leader of the neon-sign trend was Bruce Nauman.

Emin’s neon text works are always made in her signature handwriting, emphasizing the personal nature of their commentary.

Emin at work in her East London studio (WSJ)

Emin has collaborated with Louise Bourgeois to create “Do Nor Abandon Me”, a set of sixteen drawings that “articulate physical drives and feelings, candidly confronting themes of identity, sexuality and the fear of loss and abandonment through joint expression.” (Hauser & Wirth Press Release)

Louise Bourgeois, Trace Emin: Do not abandon me

If I were to characterize Emin, I would call her a rebel without a cause. And she can be extremely funny.

Sarah Lucas, Tracey Emin: Tippi Hedren Suit (WSJ)

She just spits it out, raw and violent, and sensitive, and lonely. There is no intellectual veneer, there is no politics.

Louise Bourgeois and Tracey Emin



  1. Με το βρακι ζωγραφιζει η Τρεηση? Α πα πα. Σοβαρευομαι. Οντως εχει πολυ χιουμορ αλλα το μεγαλο ταλεντο φαινεται σ’εκεινο το κρεββατι. Εξαιρετικο!

    • Αγαπητωτατον Δεσποιναριον, ο καθενας οπως βολευεται! Κι ευαερον και ευηλιον! Οντως ο κραββατος ειναι ανεπαναληπτος, εξοχο παραδειγμα χαωτικης προσεγγισης και πληρους αποσυγκροτησης. Deconstruction!

  2. this post should be censored hahaha

    υγ οι επαναστάτες χωρίς αιτία πάντα είναι ένα βήμα μπροστά… την Tracey δεν την ήξερα, το ομολογώ…

    γεια σου παναθήναιε

    • Natalia!
      Αυτο το παιχνιδι με τα πουλια ειναι μια κυκλικη εικαστικη “μεταφορα”. Δε νομιζω οτι θα το καταλαβουνε οι λογοκριτες, μαλλον θα το κοψουν λογω γεννητικων οργανων.

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