Grilled Boops Boops – Γοπες ψητες

The moon setting in the early hours of Sunday 8th April

Today is another nice spring day in Marathon, and we have grilled boops boops on the menu.

Σημερα ειναι ακομη μια ομορφη ανοιξιατικη μερα στο Μαραθωνα και το μενου εχει γοπες ψητες.

Boops boops

Boops boops is a humble fish. But when it is fresh, it beats the best stale lobster (paraphrasing Feran Adria).

In order to preserve the flavours and the juices of the fresh fish, I will grill it, honouring a centuries old tradition.

Pickled lemons

To add more tradition and locality to the humble meal, I will use the chopped peel of pickled lemons. It adds fantastic complex flavour that combines heavenly with the taste of the fish.

Boops boops with coriander and pickled lemon peel

After chopping the peel, I use it to stuff the belly of the fish, and sprinkle fresh chopped coriander and coarse sea salt over the fish, with a touch of olive oil.

Grilled boops boops (gopes in Greek)

The grilled fish must be crispy outside and moist and juicy inside. This is the essence of grilling fish. I did it the right way, and heaven could not wait.

Deboned and served grilled boops boops

The flesh was moist and firm, but juicy and delicious. Having said that, nothing could beat the skin. Miles and miles above everything else!

Accompany the fish with a glass of “savatiano” white wine, and you will agree with me that gastronomic perfection is not reserved only for royalty or the truly rich.