Awakening(s) – Ξυπνημα(τα)


The poetic mood is prevailing today. Poetic awakenings. Dedicated to Smaranda.

Εχω ποιητικη διαθεση σημερα. Ξυπνηματα ποιητικα.  Αφιερωμενα στη Σμαραντα.

Jalalu’ddin Rumi

Rumi (30 September 1207 – 17 December 1273) was a Muslim poet, jurist, theologist and Sufi mystic.

Rumi has influenced thousands of people across the centuries with his poetry and his vision of our relationship with God as a path of love.

His work unlock’s love’s precious secrets and initiates us into the mysteries of our most essential nature.

The Sufis understand the human heart to be the macrocosm, not just the microcosm, of the universe.

Whatever is in your heart is everywhere.

If you have anger in your heart, you will experience anger from others, ig hate, you shall be hated; if love, you shall be loved.

By knowing the mystery of your own heart, you begin to resonate with the mysteries of existence.


A poem by Rumi

 In the early dawn of happiness

you gave me three kisses
so that I would wake up
to this moment of love

I tried to remember in my heart
what I’d dreamt about
during the night
before I became aware
of this moving
of life

I found my dreams
but the moon took me away
It lifted me up to the firmament
and suspended me there
I saw how my heart had fallen
on your path
singing a song

Between my love and my heart
things were happening which
slowly slowly
made me recall everything

You amuse me with your touch
although I can’t see your hands.
You have kissed me with tenderness
although I haven’t seen your lips
You are hidden from me.

But it is you who keeps me alive

Perhaps the time will come
when you will tire of kisses
I shall be happy
even for insults from you
I only ask that you
keep some attention on me.

Giuseppe Ungaretti

Ungaretti is one of my favourite poets. I wrote an article about him back in 2009.

I start with the poem “Awakenings” in the original language, Italian, and then with my interpretation in English.


Ogni mio momento

io l’ho vissuto
un’altra volta
in un’epoca fonda
fuori di me
Sono lontano colla mia memoria
dietro a quelle vite perse
Mi desto in un bagno
di care cose consuete
e raddolcito
Rincorro le nuvole
che si sciolgono dolcemente
cogli occhi attenti
e mi rammento
di qualche amico
Ma Dio cos’è?
E la creatura
sbarra gli occhi
e accoglie
gocciole di stelle
e la pianura muta
E si sente
David Hockney


A poem by Giuseppe Ungaretti

My every moment

I lived

yet again

in a deeply rooted period

outside of me

Anselm Kiefer

My memory is back away

looking for those lost lives

Anselm Kiefer

I wake up in a bath

of things that are familiar and I care for


and at peace

Anselm Kiefer

I chase the clouds

that spread themselves smoothly

with watchful eyes

and I remember

a friend

who is dead

Anselm Kiefer

But what is God?

Anselm Kiefer

And the creature


with wide open eyes


star drops

and the silent field

David Hockney

And feels

to come alive again

David Hockney

George Sarantaris

Sarantaris  is another favourite of mine. I wrote about him back in 2010.
Ξυπνάμε και η θάλασσα ξυπνά μαζί μας
Γ. Σαραντάρης
Ξυπνάμε και η θάλασσα ξυπνά μαζί μας
Με όραση καινούρια προχωρούμε
Η μέρα έχει μαιάνδρους
Όπως η θάλασσα κύματα
Στην καρδιά μας αδειάσαμε (προσωρινά)
Την πόλη
Εμείναμε με την εικόνα τ’ ουρανού
O ήλιος εμέτρησε τη γη μας
Η μέρα τούτη όπου ξυπνήσαμε
Με θάλασσα και κύματα
Με όραση και μνήμη καθαρή
Τόσο μεγάλωσε
Που ο ήλιος δεν μπόρεσε να τη μετρήσει
Που ο ήλιος δεν μπόρεσε να τη χωρέσει
Henri Matisse
We wake up and the sea wakes up with us
A poem by George Sarantaris
We wake up and the sea wakes up with us
We walk with new vision
The day has twists and turns
Like the sea has waves
In our heart we have disposed (temporarily)
The city
We remained fixated with the picture of the sky
The sun has measured our earth
This day we are awake
With the sea and the waves
With clear vision and memory
It has grown so much
That the sun could not measure it
That the sun could not hold it