The enemies of Hellas – Greece


Ontological Declaration: “I Am Hellene!”

In case you did not know it, Greece has a lot of enemies. This post is dedicated to them. I will try in my humble and limited capacities to uncover and expose as many of them as possible.

This is a serious post, unlike some others I have posted, where I appeared to be rather relaxed and humorous.

Before proceeding, I feel the obligation to correct everyone and say that the proper name of the country is not Greece, but Hellas.

As a result of a huge conspiracy against Greece (sorry, I meant to say Hellas) the Western globalized world continues to call us Greece, when every stone on Earth knows that we are Hellas.

In this respect, and as an act of resistance against this conspiracy (which undoubtedly includes the Catholic Church) I salute and honour the video clip “I Am Hellene!”.

It may not have the highest artistic qualities, but it has guts and bravado, and plenty of testosterone, which is the hormone we need in the dire straits we are in.

We may not have enough money (even no money at all) but sex is still good!

Let us now put sex on the side and return to “I Am Hellene!”. The emminent journalist Manos Voularinos created a variation of the original, which I find a stimulating answer to our enemies.

Here it is, enjoy it!!!!

I do not need to say it, but I say it in any case, all the enemies of Greece must read this, because sooner or later we will get them all!!! You have been warned, you anti-hellenes!!!!!!!


Whenever I write this word, I remember a colleague back in England, Peter is his name. Whenever we were writing a report or a proposal, he was saying to me: “Why do we use the word methodology? It is wrong. We should be using the word method instead.” I confess I did not and do not know the reason. But Peter is right, no matter what the reason. We should be using the word method. However, being the slave of habit, and also a very insignificant person overall,  I peevishly follow the mistaken path. Methodology it is.

So my method is based on followng the victims’ trail. As other people follow the money, e.g. in cases of tax evasion, I follow the victims and from them I try to identify the enemies.

But what victims? There are so many victims in Greece today that I could easily lose it and start collecting flowers (again).

I therefore have to narrow down the group of victims. As elections are approaching, I find that the best victims’ subgroup is the one comprising the political parties of Greece. These entities that will – one way or another – lead, drag, elbow or push the Greek people to the path of recovery or complete disaster.

Caution to the reader: Before you proceed, be aware and alert!!!! Methods are invented only to be violated. I could not possibly be an exception to this rule.


LAOS is the party of the “Alert Populists who are also Orthodox”. The party’s leader is George Karadjaferis.

These days they are allegedly being attacked viciously by the Americans and the Sionist spies who are envying the party’s excellent relationships with Russia, and its people, the blond Orthodox race that is going to lend money and save Greece.

Recently the traitors and foreign agents attacking LAOS convinced quite a few of the LAOS members of parliament (elected on the 6th May) to switch their allegiance to the New Democracy Party.

Independent Greeks

This is the party of  Mr Panos Kammenos, a politician who is obsessed with the unlimited energy resources of Greece. As you know, Greece has huge deposits of natural gas and oil.

The problem is that they are have remained undetected for centuries, and some of them are in zones disputed by Turkey.

Under the inspired leadership of Mr Kammenos, we will rise against all the enemies of the motherland and will not let them steal our gas and oil away from us.

In addition to the Turks and the other unknown enemies lurking in the depths of the super-gas-rich Aegean seabeds, Mr Kammenos has detected enemies in the Office of the President of the Hellenic (not Greek!!!!) Democracy.

It is not yet clear what they are, but how could it be??? After all, we talk about people and organizations in the twilight zone of society.

In any case their despicable deeds speak for themselves. They fabricated a non-paper with the conditions under which Mr Kammenos would join an alliance that would form the new government in Greece (sorry, Hellas) after the 6th May elections. Not only they fabricated it, but then they let it slip to all party leaders and the journalists.


The biggest suprise of the 6th May elections, this left conglomerate of parties and fractions is today heading for victory in the 17th June elections.

Allegedly, they are attacked continuously by the Establishment, namely the Media, and the Banks.

In addition, Mr Tsipras is engaged in a nuclear balance of terror. He mentioned that the other day, when asked about bluffing in his threats to the Europeans and the other creditors of the country. The problem I have is that he did not clarify whether he is with the Americans or with the Russians.

This way he – in a way – is cheating, as he can switch sides as the game progresses, to his advantage. In any case, this brilliant metaphor for a loan, presenting it as a nuclear arsenal, has never been made before.

You might ask: “How is all of this related to the enemies of Greece?”. Difficult questions have simple answers. And the answer is that Mr Tsipras is the personification of the country. He has become a living symbol. Therefore, whoever is against him is an enemy of Greece. Got it???

Creation Again!

This is a new party that espouses liberal policies and despises politicians as corrupt.

Their biggest enemy however are the illegal immigrants who have been flooding their way in  Greece for the last 10 years.

According to the program of the party, they will build “hospitality camps” with proper protection and house the immigrants there, until they expel them.

Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn is an extreme right party that for some strange reason does not like Jews and immigrants.

They also do not like politicians.

They also do not like the left.

Basically, they only like themselves.

In this respect, everyone else is an enemy of Greece.


The 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

This has nothing to do with the usual victims, the political parties.

This is a civilian casualty of the enemies of Hellas.

Our song did not get the first prize!!!!

Does anyone need more proof of the conspiracy????

Just look at Eleftheria Eleftheriou, the singer and performer and trully dedicated Hellene!!!!

Greek Fish: Chub Mackerel

This is not a political party, but a fish called kolios in Greek, or chub mackerel in English. In the grand scheme of universal attacks against Greeks, our enemies disguised as Coast Guard Officers, attacked the fish market of Nea Mikhaniona near Thessaloniki and took possession of 360 kilos of kolios. Allegedly the fish did not have the legal length. According to the law, kolios has to be 18 centimeters long in order to be sold. The captured fish allegedly was only 14-16 centimeters long.

Nothing could be further away from the truth!!!

Let me start by saying that we Hellenes (Greeks) are known to be well endowed in the “equipment” department.

How could our fish be different?  How could they dare allege that our kolios is not big enough???

I repell these arguments with disgust.

Note: I take the opportunity to inform you that Calvin Klein was a Greek – Kalviros Klainas – who emigrated to the USA and changed his name on the advice of his girlfriend who was a secretary in the media business and had a fantasy of going to bed only with men whose last name was Klein.

I am now very tired

All the responsibility that I have carried on my shoulders for my country, has drained my energy and I have to stop here. It may not he the best place, but I have to recharge my batteries.

See u later and thank you for your attention!!!!


  1. άξιος… εξαιρετικό post

    όταν ξεκουραστείς,θελουμε και τους υπόλοιπους για να έχουμε μια ολοκληρωμένη άποψη μέχρι τις 17… χαχαχα

    • Ναταλια!!!!
      Το εγραψα και το δευτερο, αλλα η πρωτη φορα ειναι η καλυτερη!!! Κι ασε τους θεωρητικους να λενε. Η 17 πλησιαζει, και το συλλογικο θυμικο εχει σαλταρει ηδη. Εξακολουθω δε να πιστευω οτι οι Θεοι και ο Θεος δεν θα προστρεξουν αυτη τη φορα. Ειμαστε μονοι εν τω μεσω του πελαγους.

  2. Δυσοκολο το εργο σου και κατανοητη η καταπονηση!
    Δεν μπορω να το χωνεψω! Οι κολιοι μας τους φανηκαν μικροι! Ανηκουστο! Αυτο κι αν ειναι επιθεση απο υπουλους και σκοτεινους εχθρους….
    Καλη σου μερα!

    • Αγαπητη Εργαστηριακη Μαγειρισσα!!!!!
      Αυτοι οι κολιοι μπορει να μας βγαλουν απο το ΕΥΡΩ!!!!
      Και ειναι μια συνομωσια, αλλα μας πιασανε να κοιμομαστε.

  3. «Πάρτε μαζί σας νερό, το μέλλον μας έχει πολλή ξηρασία».
    Χ. Γιανναράς

    • Μανωλη,
      Στον Πρωτο Παγκοσμιο Πολεμο, στις μαχες των χαρακωματων, οι στρατιωτες υπεστησαν μια πρωτογνωρη διαταραχη: “το συνδρομο εκρηξης της οβιδας”. Δεν ητανε μονο το οτι μενανε μερες, και βδομαδες καθηλωμενοι στα χαρακωματα, δεν ητανε μονο οτι οι οβιδες επεφταν βροχη, ητανε και η αγωνια αν αυτες που επεφταν αλλα δεν εσκαγαν θα σκασουνε καποτε, ποτε. Το αναφερω γιατι το εντυπωσιακο στην περιπτωση της παρουσας παρατεταμενης κρισης της Ελλαδας, που εχει τοσα κοινα στοιχεια με τα χαρακωματα και τους συνεχεις βομβαρδισμους του ΠΠΠ, ο Ελληνικος Λαος οχι μονο δεν παρουσιαζει τουλαχιστον καποια στοιχεια του συνδρομου εκρηξης οβιδας, αλλα σε μια πληρη αντιστροφη της ανθρωπινης συμπεριφορας, ειναι σα να βγαινει απο τα χαρακωματα εν τω μεσω του βομβαρδισμου, αψηφωντας τις οβιδες, και χορευει ενα τρελλο χορο προσπαθωντας να εξορκισει τους εχθρους και τα οπλα του. Γιατι ο Ελληνας στο τελος ολα τα καταφερνει. Κουνια που μας κουναγε…

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