The enemies of Hellas – Greece: Part II


Every human being has his own particular web of associations for identifying and interpreting reality, which, most often, instinctively and unthinkingly, he superimposes on every set of circumstances. Frequently, however, those external circumstances do not conform with, or fit, the structure of our webs, and then we can misread the unfamiliar reality, and interpret its elements incorrectly…
— Ryszard Kapuscinski, “Travels with Herodotus” (2007)

This is the second part of an attempt to identify the enemies of Greece. I hope it is the last, because if there are too many enemies, it will take ages to hunt them down and destroy them. On the other hand, life is boring without enemies. How are we going to spend our time? Especially now that we have no money to spend, and shopping is out of the question, travelling is out of the question, and so on, we might have a cost free entertaining and uplifting activity chasing and obliterating our enemies. Time will tell.

I remind you that according to my methodology, I identify the enemies of Greece indirectly, by focusing (not always) on the political parties, and making the inference that an enemy of our political parties is also an enemy of Greece.

New Democracy

New Democracy is the party of the traditional populist right.

They see “The Drachma Club” or “The Drachma Lobby” as enemies of Greece. These are people who are betting on Greece returning to the drachma, so that everything is devalued by at least 80% and they – the club members or lobbyists – buy everything for nothing, as they already have their huge fortunes in hard currency somewhere in the vaults of the world.

Another great enemy of Greece is [The “Little Match Stick Girl”}, also known as [The dangerous and irresponsible Mr Tsipras], the head of the SYRIZA party. The leader of New Democracy has created this powerful metaphor, of Mr Tsipras as the little match girl in a storage room full of dynamite. The question for us, ordinary citizens now is “how are we going to neutralize the little girl?”

Unfortunately I do not have an answer, but I am tempted to remember the proven strategy “nuke them till they glow, they shoot them in the dark”. Although I am not very keen on physical violence, as I definitely prefer psychological violence, I must confess that the “nuke them…” approach has an eternally alluring quality for me.

It might be a good idea for me to suggest to Mr Samaras to call Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, or even meet him (last time I saw him he was somewhere in the jungle of the Golden Traingle), to get some advice on how to best neutralize the little match stick girl.

Now that I have said that, I consider it absolutely brilliant, because a true political leader is nothing without a seasoned in battle military adviser.

Should Colonel Kurtz be unavailable, it might be best to contact Alexander Haig. I do not want to brag about it, but I have met the General at a conference in Paris in 2002. He delivered a speech on how executives should act. Not that I am an executive, but I was there anyway, so I got to hear him speak, and then I shook his hand. Oh my!!!!

Finally, the New Democracy has identified “The hooded men (and women?)” as a big enemy of Greece. These are people who wear a hood, and then run around trying to find a reason to exist. they are people in a huge existential crisis. New Democracy does not like them because they lower the morale of the population in the big urban centers, where the existential crisis is at its peak. And as you know, morale is everything, it is the decisive factor. And I understand the outrage of New Democracy.

These people are losers, and are dragging all of  us down with them!!!! No pasaran!!!!


PASOK is suffering from Dissociative identity disorder (DID, also known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

Quoting from Wikipedia:

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) its essential feature “…is the presence of two or more distinct identities or personality states…that recurrently take control of behavior.” The diagnosis requires that at least two personalities (one may be the host) routinely take control of the individual’s behavior with an associated memory loss that goes beyond normal forgetfulness; in addition, symptoms cannot be the temporary effects of drug use or a general medical condition. Memory loss will occur in those with DID when an alternate part of the personality becomes dominant. DID is less common than other dissociative disorders, occurring in approximately 10% of dissociative disorder cases and .5-1% of the general population.Women tend to outnumber men in this disorder, resulting in about a 9:1 ratio. 

Diagnosis is often difficult as there is considerable co-morbidity with other conditions and many symptoms overlap with other types of mental illness. 

Individuals diagnosed with DID frequently report severe physical and sexual abuse as a child. The etiology of DID has been attributed to the experience of pathological levels of stress which disrupts normal functioning and forces some memories, thoughts and aspects of personality from consciousness, though an alternative explanation is that dissociated identities are the iatrogenic effect of certain psychotherapeutic practices or increased popular interest.

All of the above is an extensive scientific quotation that I will ow interpret in my simplistic way.

The best proof of the dissociation of identity is the loss of memory.

PASOK has done a lot of things during the last three years. But the dissociated PASOK does not remember any of them.

It is like they were done by somebody else. It is like they were out, and all of a sudden they are back and they do not recognize what has happened.

If this is not scary, what could be?

We have a body that has the capacity through the dissociated identity disorder to continuously create new identities, each of which knows not what the others are doing.

It is clear that this dissociation of identity is an enemy of Greece, as it takes away from the country one its best children.

I am talking of course abour George Papandreou. PASOK had to sacrifice this child of hers, as it were trapped inside this dissociated body of PASOK.

The historical implications are huge, as among other things the country may miss the gigantic opportunity that George Papandreou had afforded to her to legalize marijuana in order to boost the economy and the country’s exports. What a shame!

How can a country deal with a psychological disease? That is becoming such a huge problem? Do we know from the medical profession whether death is the cure of the disease? Or do the DID dead continue to leave and return as jombies forever living dead to torture the country?

I strongly suggest before people bath their hands in the blood of PASOK to consult with the doctors.

Democratic Left

The Democratic left is a relatively new (two years’ old) party. The party has been described as a combination of a SYRIZA spin off and a PASOK spin off. The spin offs occurred at distinct moments of time, and there appears to be no design of this merge of splinter groups. However, design or not, this appears to be the case today.

I must confess I quite like the Democratic Left’s leader. He is a nice chap, and his use of the Greek language is decent, a rarity these days. The rest is complicated, as he takes ages to arrive at a conclusion, and when he does it is not clear what the conclusion is.

This is definitely not the result of the leader’s inability to articulate. It is most likely the result of the party’s blurred identity.

PASOK suffers from the dissociated identity disorder, and the Democratic Left from the blurred identity disorder!

The good news for the country and the Democratic Left is that their blurred identity will not necessarily cause a major problem, unless they will become the critical factor in the formation of a coalition government after the 17th June election. But we have to wait for this.

KKE – The Greek Communist Party

No identity disorder here!!!!

There is only one enemy: Capitalism. And another, Capital, and another, Capitalists.

All of these bad guys are against the workers, and as Greece is a workers’ country, they are all enemies of Greece.

But the biggest enemy of KKE these days is not capitalism. It is Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA. No need to say more. And if you do not understand what I am saying, you are also an enemy!!!!


Yet another violation of my methodology. Fully justified though.

The Health of the Greek people, is being viciously attacked.

They (our enemies) are spraying us with all sorts of things. Every day airplanes of all kinds fly our friendly blue skies and spray us with all types of chemicals.

According to my informers, and secret reports that I have received, the most common substance used is a personality change agent. Once you inhale it you become a servile and docile citizen.

The originators of this act are not known yet. Rumours abound. All I can say is that we will find them, drag them to Constitution Square, and offer them ouzo!!!

Another way they are attacking our health is by importing into Greece HIV positive women who have unprotected sex with innocent, unsuspecting Greeks.

These women attract the men by promising them that they will solve all their problems, as their body is blessed by the waters of a holy river in India, where they went on holiday some time ago.

Unfortunately they are lying. Most of them come from the secret service of a neighbouring small country that is trying to destabilize Greece. They will not succeed!!!


Concluding this two-part monumental article, that is going to be read by hundreds of thousands of citizens of the world, I would like to offer the distilled wisdom that I have plenty in my inner self. Here it comes.

We should not be concerned about the Turks, the Albanians, the “FYROM-Macedonians”, the sionists, the Bankers, the Americans, the Russians, the Chinese, the pawnbrokers, the freemasons, the hedge funds, the spies, the secret agents, the chemical spray, AIDS, and so on.

We should not be concerned about our own failings of character, and the centuries old fratricide.

Asteroid Hermes’ elliptical orbit (red) brings it to the inner solar system every 777 days

Our biggest enemy, who eventually is going to bring our downfall is asteroid Hermes. Let me quote extensively from NASA’s website, to build my argument and at the same time educate all of you who think that I am losing my marbles and talking nonsense.

“It is almost accepted today, that an asteroid hit Earth 65 million years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs. But in 1980 when scientists Walter and Luis Alvarez first suggested the idea to a gathering at the American Association for Advancement of Sciences, their listeners were skeptical. Asteroids hitting Earth? Wiping out species? It seemed incredible.

At that very moment, unknown to the audience, an asteroid named Hermes halfway between Mars and Jupiter was beginning a long plunge toward our planet. Six months later it would pass 300,000 miles from Earth’s orbit, only a little more than the distance to the Moon. Rhetorically speaking, this would have made a great point in favor of the Alvarezes. Curiously, though, no one noticed the flyby.

1980 wasn’t the first time Hermes had sailed by unremarked. Hermes is a good-sized asteroid, easy to see, and a frequent visitor to Earth’s neighborhood. Yet astronomers had gotten into the habit of missing it. How this came to be is a curious tale, which begins in Germany just before World War II:

On Oct. 28, 1937, astronomer Karl Reinmuth of Heidelberg noticed an odd streak of light in a picture he had just taken of the night sky. About as bright as a 9th magnitude star, it was an asteroid, close to Earth and moving fast–so fast that he named it Hermes, the herald of Olympian gods. On Oct. 30, 1937, Hermes glided past Earth only twice as far away as the Moon, racing across the sky at a rate of 5 degrees per hour. Nowadays only meteors and Earth-orbiting satellites move faster.

Plenty of asteroids were known in 1937, but most were plodding members of the asteroid belt far beyond Mars. Hermes was different. It visited the inner solar system. It crossed Earth’s orbit. It proved that asteroids could come perilously close to our planet. And when they came, they came fast.

Reinmuth observed Hermes for five days. Then, to make a long story short, he lost it.

Hermes approaches Earth’s orbit twice every 777 days. Usually our planet is far away when the orbit crossing happens, but in 1937, 1942, 1954, 1974 and 1986, Hermes came harrowingly close to Earth itself. We know about most of these encounters only because Lowell Observatory astronomer Brian Skiff re-discovered Hermes… on Oct. 15, 2003. Astronomers around the world have been tracking it carefully ever since. Orbit-specialists Steve Chesley and Paul Chodas of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) have used the new observations to trace Hermes’ path backwards in time, and so they identified all the unnoticed flybys.

“It’s a little unnerving,” says Chodas. “Hermes has sailed by Earth so many times and we didn’t even know it.”

“Hermes’ orbit is the most chaotic of all near-Earth asteroids,” he adds. This is because the asteroid is so often tugged by Earth’s gravity. Hermes has occasional close encounters with Venus, too. In 1954 the asteroid flew by both planets. “That was a real orbit scrambler,” Chodas says. Frequent encounters with Earth and Venus make it hard to forecast Hermes’ path much more than a century in advance. The good news is that “Hermes won’t approach Earth any closer than about 0.02 AU within the next hundred years.” We’re safe for now.

I do not think we are safe!!!!

Hermes will fall on Greece, more specifically on the island of Yaros, in the very near future. I cannot predict exactly when, but I may be able to do so, after I visit my personal (mis)fortune teller, Mrs. Regina.

In any case, I rest my case, and cry out loud: “you have been warned!!!!!”


  1. Μου φαίνεται ότι πλησιάζουμε σε ότι κάποιοι ονομάζουν μηδέν, κάποιοι singular point, κάποιοι τέλος, κάποιοι πέρασμα. Σε τόπο δαιμόνιο όπου καταρρέουν τα σχέδια, τα πλάνα, τα concepts. Τι άλλο είναι τα σχέδια παρά μια κρυφή ματιά στο παρελθόν για να συλλέξει την πρώτη ύλη του μέλλοντος; Τι άλλο είναι η θεωρία συνωμοσίας παρά μια φανερή ματιά στο παρελθόν για να εξηγήσει με περισσή αφέλεια το παρών; Εκεί στην συνάντηση των δύο ματιών αληθεύει η αβεβαιότητα του singular point, αβεβαιότητα στην οποία έχει στραμμένη την πλάτη η θεωρία συνωμοσίας, θεωρία που δεν έχει ανάγκη από σχέδια, από concepts, που δεν φοβάται το singular point, γιατί είναι ήδη καταμεσής του. Ίσως εδώ να σημαίνεται το μυστήριο της ύπαρξης: η ενσωμάτωση του μηδέν στο είναι, του θανάτου στην ζωή, της απελπισίας στην ελπίδα, της δύσης στην ανατολή.

  2. Επαρκώς και εγκαίρως προειδοποιηθέντες, ας ανακράξουμε:
    Take me to your leader!! Και ας παραδοθώμεν εις τας χείρας των Αρειανών! Απο τους γελοιους που μας δούλευαν τόσα χρόνια κάλλιο ο ET!

    • Δεσποινα!!!!! Μονον οι εξωγηινοι που θα ελθουν επωχουμενοι επι του Ερμη θα μπορεσουν να μας κυβερνησουν!!! Θα το καταφερουν δια της αποσχισεως εκ του γηινου φλοιου και μεταφορας της Ελλαδος εις αλλο γαλαξιακο συστημα, οπου θα ειμεθα οι μοναδικοι κατοικοι, οποτε δεν θα μας πειραζει κανενας, και θα εχομε ολο το χρονο να ολοκληρωσουμε εκεινο που εμεινε στη μεση το 1949, δηλαδη να μην μεινει κανενας ζωντανος, αφου ολοι ειναι προδοτες, δωσιλογοι, και δεν αξιζει να ζουνε τα σκουληκια, με τον ενα η τον αλλο τροπο.

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