Deep fried zucchini sticks with hot garlic sauce


I woke up this morning and discovered that there was a big zucchini in the garden.

Its length was 27 cm and it biggest diameter 10 cm.

At first I thought that this big zucchini was full of air. That it was a zucchini – baloon.

Then I touched it and held and its weight and firmness told me otherwise.

What came to my mind next was that it would have no taste. That it would be tasteless.

A mass of zucchini flesh with no taste.

I obviously had to find out.

There was only one way.

Once cut from the plant, I cut it into sticks and placed it in a bath of course sea salt with water, and left it there for a couple of hours.

In the meantime, I crushed a lot of garlic cloves, with one hot pepper, coriander and basil, added some salt, olive oil and vinegar.

I fried the sticks in corn oil, and served them with the hot garlic sauce.

They were GOOD!

The flesh was sweet and tender.

And it went superbly with the hot garlic sauce.

I promise not to badmouth a big zucchini again!



  1. Τι ωραια που ειναι να εχει φρεσκα λαχανικα στον κηπο σου! Εγω λιγο γκαζον εχω, και φετος μου το εχουν οργωσει οι τυφλοποντικες… Του χρονου θα το ξηλωσω και θα στρωσω … πετρες! Εσκασα πια!
    Το – μετα συγχωρησως – σουπερ κολοκυθι σας, φαινεται αυτο που λενε yummy! Φανταζομαι οτι η σαλτσουλα με το σκορδο εδεσε θεικα μαζι του και σας ταξιδεψε σ’αυτο που περιγραφουν οι Ιταλοι ως il piacere del palato!
    Καλο μηνα!

    • Ευχαριστω, ευχαριστω, κοπιαστε!!! Πραγματι, η λιτη σκορδοσαλτσα με το ολιγον τρυφηλο κολοκυθι εδεσαν με τροπο βασανιστικο, αφου δεν μπορεις να σταματησεις να τρως…. Τα μαρτυρια της ευδαιμονιας. Η απολαυση του ουρανισκου!!!

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