Fishtavern “Cavouri”, Marathon Beach: By the (breaking) sea wave


I continue to be in a “breaking sea wave” mood, and there is no better place to have lunch when you are in this mood than the beach itself, especially when the tables are less than one meter away from the breaking wave!

There was a nothern wind of medium strength, and the wave was breaking indeed!

The fresh wind comes from the Aegean, passing from the Southern tip of Evoia.

This wind has a cleansing effect on me.

It strips away all the mumbo-jumbo that clutters my Being and helps me see into my true (authentic) nature.

The breaking sea wave is my satori catalyst.

Unfortunately this glimpse into the true me does not last for very long.

However, I consider myself fortunate that it lasts even for a few seconds.

In any case, having achieved the “satori” state, I had to go for the unadulterated, pure taste of the fish.

The colorful salad that came as a prelude, acted as an evangelist for the main course.

A fresh sea bass, grilled to perfection.

Words fail me.

In addition to the subtle aroma of the sea, I was deeply absorbed by the gelatinous texture of the moist flesh.

The more fresh the flesh, the higher the gelatine effect.

Absolutely delicious!

But I must confess that a thought crossed my mind.

Given the quality of the fish, how would it be to have half of it served raw by Mizutani, and the other half grilled?

For the time being I will stay with the thought stuck in my mind. It may be a while before Mizutani visits Marathon.

Fresh grapes, cut a minute ago from the vines providing the very welcome shade, took away the aromas of the sea and brought Dionyssus to the table.

Ora sono ubriaco

d’ universo

I am now drunk

from the universe

(Giuseppe Ungaretti)


  1. Ο αέρας είναι κίνηση, κίνηση απρόβλεπτη, ανεξέλεγκτη. Στην κίνηση, χρονίζει ο χρόνος, αληθεύει δηλαδή το είναι. Αέρας ο χρόνος παίρνει ιδέες, δόγματα, βεβαιότητες, παρεμβάλει το άγνωστο στο γνωστό, δεν αφήνει άπειρες απόψεις των πραγμάτων, δεν επιτρέπει την κατοχή τους. Αποκαλύπτει αποκρύπτοντας ο χρόνος, ο πλούτος-πόρος της αποκάλυψης συνδέεται με την α-πορία της απόκρυψης. Η απορία είναι εκείνη που καθαρίζει τον νου, που σκορπά την ομίχλη της στασιμότητας.

    Αέρας ο χρόνος, τρόπος του η απορία.

    • Ο Ανεμος ειναι ο αντρας της Θαλασσας. Ειναι ζευγαρι οι δυο τους. Ο Ανεμος ειναι α-ληθεια, η θαλασσα ειναι ληθη.

  2. με τον υπέροχο στοίχο του Ουνγκαρέτι στο νου:
    τελικά αυτό είναι τέχνη ε, … το να μπορεί κανείς να μεθά … με το σύμπαν
    κι είναι χάρισμα… το να διδάσκει, να μαθαίνει κανείς στους άλλους αυτήν την τέχνη…

    • τα ειπες ολα… με δυο λεξεις…
      ο Ουνγκαρετι θα ηταν περηφανος για σενα…

  3. We all dream to lie on the beach at least for a while and listen to the sound of splashing waves and screams of sea-gulls. But what can we do if our vacation is over, the sea and summer activities are far away, and the calendar shows “November”?

    • Put on your sunglasses, wear your swimming trunks and dream…
      PS. Summer continues in Greece until mid October

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