… because incoherence is preferable to a distorting order …


“In certain places, at certain hours, gazing at the sea is dangerous.

It is what looking at a woman sometimes is.”

Victor Hugo

“I looked at Pauline and asked her if she felt she had the courage to bear the pounding brilliance of the sun and the strength to walk on the sand”

Honore de Balzac

“I was nearly sixteen when I met Simone, a girl my own age, at the beach in X. Our families being distantly related, we quickly grew intimate.”

Georges Batailles

“I am most useful when I am not needed”

My personal self

“what is in life that is not an enigma riddle?

isn’t life itself a riddle enigma”

Nikos Eggonopoulos

“Like all texts, the beach has an author – not, admittedly, a named individual, but a historically determined set of community practices that have produced material objects or signs.”

John Fiske

“The sea washes away and cleanses every human stain”

Euripides, Iphigenia in Tauris

Notes: 1.The phrase in the title is quoted by Roland Barthes as being “Gidean”, ie belonging to Andre Gide.

2. I took the photographs in Marathon Beach, Attica, Greece, in mid September 2012.


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