“Athinaeos Salsa Verde” with Fried Squid and Salted Cod


Today I want to introduce the “Athinaeos Salsa Verde”. The super star of a seafood meal that I enjoyed in a mild autumn day.

Athinaeos salsa verde – closeup

There is a multitude of green sauces in the mediterranean kitchen: persillade, gremolata, salsa verde, pistou, to name a few.

Athinaeos Salsa Verde

My salsa verde is made with ingredients that grow in my garden: parsley, coriander, mint, rocket, garlic and basil.

I put the mixed herds in the mixer, add oliver oil, a bit of coarse salt, and lemon juice.

The salsa is accompanied by fresh fried squid, fried salt cod, a fresh green salad with red-skinned radishes, and home made corn bread.

Fried fresh squid

I like fresh fried squid because it is always a challenge to fry it properly, and even greater a challenge, to buy really fresh squid. the really fresh squid has a flavour and an aroma that is so subtle and yet so prominent, that in my view is worth all the effort to find it and then fry it properly.

Fried fresh squid – detail

The elegance of the fried squid pooses the first challenge for the salsa verde. It should be mild enough not to overpower the subtlety of the squid, yet it should retain its personality and make its presence felt.

The second challenge to the salsa verde was posed by the fried salt cod.

Fried Salt Cod

One of the miracles of ancient seafood engineering, this cured pievce of fish has a unique taste that never fails to reward me, provided that the fish is of good quality and properly desalted and fried.

Fried salt cod – detail

The salsa verde has to stand tall in front of the strong personality of the salt cod, while at the same time it balances on the fine line  created by the taste of the squid.

A nice meal could not be complete without bread and a nice fresh salad.

Fresh salad with rocket, fresh onions, and red-skinned radishes.

The fresh salad contains: Rocket, fresh onions and red-skinned radishes from the garden, washed but not seasoned. Eaten with the hand. You pick whatever you like, sprinkle a bit of alst on it and squeeze a couple of drops of lemon juice. Then straight into the mouth cavity… Pleasure awaits the bold and the daring….

Corn bread

The bread is baked in the oven, and made of corn flour and water. Just that. And simply delicious.

Bon appetit!


  1. δεν ξερω γιατί με εντυπωσιασε αυτό το πιατο με τη ρόκα, τα φρέσκα κρεμυδάκια και τα ραπανακια… ίσως γιατί προτρέπεις να τα πιάσουμε με το χέρι και να τα γευθούμε…

    και το καλαμποκόψωμο… πωπω

    • δεν χρειαζεται να ξερουμε το γιατι…
      πιο σημαντικο ειναι το να νοιωθουμε τι θελουμε…
      ανεξαρτητα απο το γιατι…

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