Greece’s Golden Dawn: Better late than never?

Cy Twombly: Untitled
Cy Twombly: Untitled

In February 27th 2013, in a post on Golden Dawn’s proselytizing children, I wrote:

“Why New Democracy, PASOK, Democratic Left and SYRIZA do not ask the institutional court of the country to outlaw Golden Dawn?”

Today the leader of Golden Dawn and some of his deputies have been arrested by the authorities in Greece and face charges for setting up and operating a criminal organization.

The most recent sad predecessor to today’s events is the cold blood murder of a leftist artist in a working class suburb of Piraeus, near Athens in Greece.

He was stabbed to death by a Golden Dawn operative.

Today’s events are a major change for the Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, leader of the New Democracy Party, the major member of the right-center coalition governing Greece.

But it is just a step, albeit a major one.

Jean Michel Basquiat, Untitled
Jean Michel Basquiat, Untitled

A lot of questions require answers.

Who was financing the operation of the Golden Dawn?

What were the links of the organization to the Police and the Army?

Why did the ruling New Democracy Party block all attempts of the other parties to stop Golden Dawn’s activities until now?


  1. Όσο και αν χαιρετίζω το ξύλωμα της ΧΑ οι προυποθέσεις της παραμένουν άθηκτες. Και δεν είναι άλλο από μια κλειστή κοινωνία παγιδευμένη στην ιδέα ενός μεγάλου παρελθόντος, αποστρεφόμενη το καινούργιο, το διαφορετικό. Αναζητούσα την αχρονία μισεί τον χρόνο, δηλαδή την αλήθεια του είναι. Η κλειστότητα είναι η λερναία ύδρα και η ΧΑ ένα κομμένο κεφάλι της.

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