Short Dialogues: 1




P1: Justice will prevail.
P2: The stronger will prevail.
P1: You are a slave of the dominant powers.
P2: I am just a realist.
P1: David overpowered Goliath.
P2: If you believe the scriptures, he has.
P1: You are an atheist.
P2: You are just day-dreaming.
P1: I need to believe in something.
P2: You can believe in the flowers that bloom.
P1: You blasphemous creature!
P2: You can believe in the love that makes you forget everything.
P1: I believe in justice!
P2: Justice is something that exists only between equals.
P1: You are an agent of the oppressors.
P2: It is people like me who may eventually get you out of the hole
P1: I am the descendant of Plato.
P2: What matters is what you are today
P1: I give up, there is no point in talking to you
P2: Decline is inevitable in closed societies


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