Short Dialogues: 2



P1: I am proud.
P2: Why?
P1: Because I went through a tough negotiation and I am the winner.
P2: Who says you are?
P1: I do.
P2: Does anyone support your view?
P1: My friends do.
P2: Who are your friends?
P1: The ones who have the same views with me.
P2: So if I had the same view with you yesterday I am your friend.
P1: Yes, you are.
P2: Do I gather then that the ones in disagreement with your view are your enemies?
P1: Yes.
P2: I presume you did not negotiate with a friend.
P1: No.
P2: Then you must have negotiated with an enemy.
P1: Yes.
P2: So your enemy says they won.
P1:Yes, they do.
P2: And who am I to believe?
P1: You will believe me, because I am your friend.
P2: What if I am your friend but I think that on this occasion your view of the situation is wrong?
P1: Then you will become my enemy.
P2: It appears that being your friend is almost like being forced to agree with anything that you do or say.
P1: I never said that friendship is easy.