Telemachus Art Grill: A meat eater’s dream in Kifissia, near Athens, Greece


Telemachus was the son of Ulysses. George and Kostas Tsiligiris are the grandsons of Telemachus Tsiligiris, the best butcher the wealthy suburb of Kiffisia in the north of Athens has ever known. In their “Telemachus Art Grill”, located in the building of their grandfather’s shop, they serve excellent quality meat, expertly prepared and served.
During my visit I indlulged in offal, and bypassed the “standard” offerings like steak tartare and lamb kebab, leaving them for the next visit.
When I eat offal I have the urge for a nice fresh green salad that will counterbalance the intensity of the offal.

Nothing could better serve such a pupose than the rucola and grana salad that was served with pomegranate seeds.

The salad was accompanied by a delicious Greek white cheese, mastelo, grilled on charcoal.

The “kokoretsi” that followed was without any reservation the best I have tasted in my life to date, and I can tell you, I have tasted quite a few.

For the uninitiated, kokoretsi is an offal delicacy, grilled on a spit. It is a long cylinder, the center of which comprises lamb’s liver and lungs and sweetbreads. The core is surrounded by  a thin layer of fat to keep it moist and juicy, and an outer layer of lamb’s intestine.

First of all, it was juicy and moist, and served at the right temperature.

It was sweet and tender. The salt and pepper was just right, providing support to the bouquet of offal tastes, rather than dominating them.

The fat layer next tot he intestine was an absolute gastronomic marvel.

It had kidneys in it! First time I tasted kokoretsi with kidney!

Absolutely delicious!

I must confess I did not want anything more after the tasting of the kokoretsi. but as it happened, I had one. And it was, oddly enough, a delicacy I was thinking about a couple of days ago. Lamb kidneys on the grill.

Expertly cooked, pink on the inside, with just a touch of salt, pepper and oregano, these kidneys are the epitomy of an offal delicacy.

The wine that accompanied this delicious meal came from South Africa. It was a shiraz with strong body and deep bouquet.

The service is excellent.

Thank you George and Kostas for a delicious meal, and your authentic hospitality.