Lunch/Dinner Gatherings

Lini e Lane di Firenze, Catalog 1961 – Table Setting and Etiquette – A journey back in time (October 2009)


First day of the year 2016 – Lunch (January 2016)

Festive Lunch – 1st January 2015 – Marathon, Attica, Greece (January 2015)

Vive le terroir! Family reunion dinner in Marathon, Greece (June 2014)

When friendship ages like good red wine – A lunch in Marathon with three dear friends (October 2012)

Lunch of 26th December 2011 in Marathon, Attica, Greece – Μετα-Χριστουγεννιατικο Μεσημεριανο Γευμα στον Μαραθωνα Αττικης εν Ελλαδι (December 2011)

Greek Summer Lunch: Beetroots, Tamarix, and Eggplants “au gratin” – Ελληνικο Καλοκαιρινο Μεσημεριανο Γευμα: παντζαρια, αρμυρικια, παπουτσακια μελιτζανας ω γκρατεν (July 2011)

Lunch 26th December 2009 – Toscana meets Thessaly (December 2009)

Multi-meal in Munich / Πολυ-γευμα στο Μοναχο (October 2009)