My "Evochia" recipes

 This is a summary page, that brings together most of the recipes I have posted in this blog. The recipes (in Greek) that I have posted in “bostanistas” you can find in the relevant page.

The recipes are in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent posts appear first on the list.


A lamb offal dish for daring souls (May 2015)

Foies Gras de Canard (Anne Roze) – Boudin Noir (Christian Parra) (March 2015)

Skate the Magnificent – Σαλαχι το Μεγαλοπρεπες (March 2014)

Stuffed tomatoes and peppers with minced meat and pig’s skin – Ντοματες και πιπεριες γεμιστες με κιμα (February 2014)

Deconstructed Green Beans (Haricot vert) Yahni – Αποδομημενα φασολακια γιαχνι (July 2013)

Sardines fried in a tomato skin batter – Σαρδελλες τηγανητες σε κουρκουτι με φλουδα ντοματας (June 2013)

Vine leafs stuffed with minced beef, served on a bed of spicy yogourt and sprinkled with chopped pastirma – Αμπελοφυλλα γεμιστα με βοδινο κυμα, σερβιρισμενα με καυτερο γιαουρτι και παστουρμα (June 2013)

Bacalao confit with zucchini sticks and garlic – Μπακαλιαρος κονφι με τηγανητα κολοκυθια και σκορδο (June 2013)

Green peas, potatoes and artichokes: a ticket to heaven (May 2013)

Sardines fried in a batter of tomato skins
Sardines fried in a batter of tomato skins

Octopus with lentils, rucola and red peppers – Χταποδι με φακες, ροκα και κοκκινες πιπεριες (May 2013)

Mediterranean Kidney and Steak Pie (April 2013)

Eledone moschata (musky octopus) in tomato sauce (February 2013)

Stuffed Squid with bulgur wheat (February 2013)

Roast Ewe’s Leg with boiled sliced Beetroots, blanched Beetleafs and Garlic Condiment – The Greek Way – A la Greque (January 2013)

Boops Boops
Boops Boops

“Athinaeos Salsa Verde” with Fried Squid and Salted Cod (November 2012)

Sujuk Borek a la Greque – Μπουρεκι με Σουτζουκι (October 2012)

Eggs Panagiurski style – Iaica po Panagyurski – Αυγά από το Παναγκιούρσκι (μια συνταγή από τη Βουλγαρία)

Deep fried zucchini sticks with hot garlic sauce – Μπατον απο ξεροτηγανισμενο κολοκυθι με σως σκορδου (July 2012)

Prune marmalade: a simple miracle when miracles matter – Μαρμελαδα απο δαμασκηνα (July 2012)

Grilled aubergine – detail

Grilled aubergines and skinless sausage Italian style – Μελιτζανες στη σχαρα με λουκανικο ιταλικου τυπου (July 2012)

Blanched Green Beans and Lamb Roast (June 2012)

Pan fried galeorhinus galeus with herbal aioli and baby spinach salad (April 2012)

Grilled Boops Boops (April 2012)

Veal Tongue With Fava (Yellow Lentils) – Γλωσσα Μοσχαρισια με Φαβα (February 2012)

Sweet Trio of Pleasure: Killing me softly – Η τριαδα της απολαυσης: η γοητεια της αργοσυρτης απωλειας (January 2012)

String beans with bacalao (October 2011)

Stuffed squid with bulgur wheat
Panathinaeos Recipe: Stuffed squid with bulgur wheat

Green beans with onions, garlic and herbs: a recipe from Georgia – Φασολακια με κρεμμυδι σκορδο και μυρωδικα, μια συνταγη απο τη Γεωργια (July 2011)

 Palmyra: the marriage of crawfish and cod, on a bed of funghi porcini (June 2011)

Beef Guvec with pasta – Μοσχαρι Γιουβετσι με κοφτο μακαρονακι (March 2011)

Anchovies with fresh oregano and garlic (March 2011)

Sea Bass sashimi served on a fava puree
Sea Bass sashimi served on a fava puree

Leek pie with celery and red cabbage (February 2011)

Bistecca Fiorentina: every encounter is a mystical experience (February 2011)

Sea bass Sashimi with Yellow Split Peas Puree – Λαυρακι ωμο με φαβα (January 2011)

Brandade de Bacalao (October 2010)

String beans with bacalao (Detail)
String beans with bacalao (Detail)

Carp in brine with polenta (September 2010)

Pissaladiere with smoked herring (July 2010)

Grey Weakfish with summer vegetables (July 2010)

Boiled grouper head with mayo
Boiled grouper head with mayo

Steamed green beans with boiled grouper head and Greek Mayonnaise (July 2010)

Boiled Grouper Head with Greek Mayonnaise (April 2010)

Melange with Anchovies (Mar 2010)

Beef Kidneys with porcini mushrooms, and red cabbage and cauliflower puree  (February 2010)

Anchovies mix
Anchovies mix

Georgian Cheese Bread – Khachapuri (February 2010)

Roast Rooster with pancetta, broccoli and bulgar wheat – Κοκκορας στο φουρνο με παντσετα, μπροκολι και πληγουρι  (January 2010)

Meat balls with lentils and potato patty (January 2010)

Scorpion fish with risotto (Jan 2010)

Cannelloni with beef and parmesan  (December 2009)

Mackerel slow cooked with red peppers, parsley and garlic (November 2009)

Beef and Pork Stew with dry white beans (October 2009)

Leek pie – Πρασοπιττα (October 2009)

Timbale a la Greque (October 2009)

Deconstructed green beans yahni - served
Deconstructed green beans yahni – served

Tagliatelle with Octopus Ragu and Egg (September 2009)

Loaf with cod, armira and seskoula (September 2009)

Spicy patties with anchovies (June 2009)

Sushi with Cured Sardines, Rice and Vine Leafs (June 2009)

Baby Cuttlefish
Baby Cuttlefish

Amberjack grilled on charcoal (June 2009)

Pouches stuffed with salmon and white soft cheese (May 2009)

Mackerel Ceviche with Fava (May 2009)

Imam Bayildi: A dish of transcendence – Ιμαμ Μπαιλντι (May 2009)

Veal Tongue with Spinach – Γλωσσα Μοσχαρισια με σπανακι και μαγιονεζα (March 2009)

Grey weakfish with greens and carrots (March 2009)

Mackerel with Fava - Detail
Mackerel with Fava – Detail

Red mullet fillets with grilled eggplant (February 2009)

Filet of Perch with zucchinis and tomatoes (Feb 2009)

Sea bass with leeks and celery (Feb 2009)

Bacalao Pil Pil (Jan 2009)

Bacalao with Estragon

Grilled shrimp wrapped in bacon (November 2008)

Cuttlefish with spinach (November 2008)

Bacalao with Estragon (Oct 2008)

Grilled shrimp and bacon
Grilled shrimp and bacon

Meze with sardines (September 2008)

Lightly cured Bonito (Lakerda) fish (September 2008)

Γαυρος με κερατα (2008)