Eating out: Reviews

This is a page that lists all of the posts on restaurants and eateries . The posts are listed in reverse chronological order, the last one is therefore listed on top.

Tuna carpaccio with avocado
Tuna carpaccio with avocado

Greece – Hellas – Ελλας

Thalassa mou, Alyki, Paros  (Published October 2013, visited September 2013)

Vassilenas Restaurant in Piraeus, Greece – Το εστιατοριο “Βασιλαινας” στον Πειραια (Published September 2013, visited June 2013)

Botrini’s Restaurant, Athens, Greece  (Published December 2012, visited November 2012)

Tavern “Ta Kymata” in New Epidavros, Greece (Ταβερνα “Τα Κυματα” Νεα Επιδαυρος, Ελλας)  (Published September 2012, visited August 2012)

Fishtavern “Cavouri”, Marathon Beach: By the (breaking) sea wave  (Published September 2012, visited August 2012)

Μπαρμπουνια των ωρων
Grilled Red Mullet

Psariston Seafood Tavern, Athens, Greece – Ψάριστον  (Published and visited September 2008)

Limanaki Tavern, Neos Pyrgos, Evia, Greece  (Published and visited in August 2008)

Kollias Seafood Tavern in Piraeus, Greece  (Published and visited in August 2008). The tavern is now a restaurant near Leoforos Singrou in Athens.

Katsoules – Κατσουλες

Dourambeis Fish Restaurant in Mikrolimano, near Piraeus, Greece – Δουραμπεης στο Μικρολιμανο (Published and visited June 2009)

Diogenis Grill, Agios Prodromos, Chalkidiki, GREECE – Ψησταρια Διογενης – Αγιος Προδρομος Χαλκιδικης (Published and visited August 2009)

Tavern Afthoni, Pyrgadikia, Halkidiki, Greece – Ταβερνα Αφθόνη, Πυργαδικια Χαλκιδικης (Published and visited August 2009)

Fishtavern Giorgakis, Kakia Thalassa, Keratea, Attica – Ψαροταβερνα “Γιωργακης”, Κακια Θαλασσα, Κερατεα, Αττικη, Ελλας  (Published and visited February 2009)


Fishtavern Aristodimos – Ψαροταβερνα Αριστοδημος, Παχη Μεγαρων, Αττικη, Ελλας  (Published and visited October 2008)

Damianos Fish Tavern, Ambelas, island of Paros, Greece (Published and visited October 2010). The tavern is no longer in operation. It has become a beach bar.

Fish Tavern Ventouris, Ambelas, island of Paros, Greece – Ταβέρνα Βεντουρής – Αμπελάς, Πάρος     (Published October 2008, visited August 2008)

Austria – Oesterreich

Restaurant Steirereck – Vienna, Austria (Published November 2009, visited October 2009)

Hot chocolate desert, with fried bananas and bitter sweet foam.
Hot chocolate desert, with fried bananas and bitter sweet foam.

Restaurant Vestibuel – Vienna Austria (Published November 2009, visited October 2009)

Restaurant Guth, Lauterach, Bregenz, Austria (Published December 2009, visited November 2009)

Marinated tuna with horseradish mousse, accompanied by a pike croquette served on cubes of beetroot

Czech Republic

Restaurant “v Zatisi” Prague, Czech Republic  (Published and visited February 2011)


Restaurant Cilantro, Arles, Provence, France (Published September 2009, visited March 2009)

L’Atelier de Jean-Luc Rabanel, Arles, Provence, France (Published November 2010, visited March 2009)

Pork tail langostino
Pork tail langostino

Germany – Deutschland

Bohm’s Herrenkeller, Nurenberg, Germany  (Published May 2013, visited October 2010)

Restaurant zur Esche, Waldhotel Ehrenbach, Black Forest, Germany  (Published September 2013, visited October 2010)

Braureigasthof Ayinger, Aying, Bavaria, Germany (Published October 2009, visited September 2009)

Kalbs Krauterbratwurst - Veal bratwurst with herbs
Kalbs Krauterbratwurst – Veal bratwurst with herbs

Italy – Italia

Osteria da Fiore, San Polo, Venice, Italy.  (Published December 2013, visited October 2011).

Ristorante Al Covo, Castello, Venice, Italy (Published October 2013, visited October 2011)

Hotel Metropole, Venice, Italy (Published November 2011, visited October 2011)

Imago Restaurant, Rome, Italy (Published and visited January 2010)

Wilks Restaurant, Hake with Artichokes
Wilks Restaurant, Hake with Artichokes

Officina della Bistecca – Dario Cecchini’s meat feast, Panzano, Chiani, Toscana (Published September 2009, visited August 2009)

Ristorante “Il Colombaio”, Casole d’Elsa, Tuscany, Italy (Published and visited in August 2011)

Ristorante Madonina del Pescatore: La immortalità del cibo (Published and visited in December 2010)

Ristorante Uliassi – Senigallia, Marche, Italia (Published September 2009, visitied August 2009)

Ristorante Il Pagliaccio, Roma, Italia (Published July 2009, Visited June 2009)

Misto Crudo
Misto Crudo

Vini da Gigio, Venice  (Published and visited in August 2008)

Osteria al Garanghelo, Venice  (Published and visited in August 2008)

Trattoria e Locanda La Buca, Zibello, Parma, Italia (Published August 2010, visited June 2006)

Εμβαπτισθεις οκταπους
Piccolo Napoli, Palermo, Italia


Osho Restaurant, Bucharest, Romania  (Published and visited April 2011)

Hotel Christina Restaurant, Bucharest: Carp (Ciprinus) in brine with polenta (Saramura de Crap cu mamaliga)


Pasha Restaurant, Novi Sad, Serbia  (Published and visited in August 2008)

Matrin Berasategui: Warm Salad with seafood, cream of lettuce hearts and juice
Matrin Berasategui: Warm Salad with seafood, cream of lettuce hearts and juice

Spain – Espagna 

Restaurante El Serbal, Santander, Cantabria, Spain (January 2014)

Mugaritz Restaurant, near San Sebastian, Basque Country (Published September 2010, visited June 2010)

Restaurante Arzak – San Sebastian, Donostia, Basque Country  (Published March 2010, visited February 2010)

Restaurante Martin Berasategui – Lasarte, near San Sebastian, Basque Country (Published and visited February 2010)

Restaurante Rekondo, San Sebastian, Donostia, Basque Country  (Published and visited February 2010)

Bar Food in Cordoba, Spain  (Published and visited June 2010)

Pearls of Foie-Gras
Pearls of Foie-Gras

Akelare Restaurante, Pedro Subijana – San Sebastian, Basque Country  (Published October 2008, visited July 2008)

Andra Mari Restaurant, Galdakao, near Bilbao (Published August 2008, visited July 2008)

Guggenheim Bilbao, Jatetxea, Restaurante  (Published September 2008, visited July 2008)

Neichel Restaurant Barcelona  (Published March 2009, visited December 2008)

Ramon Freixa, Barcelona – Tradition, tradition, tradition! (Published March 2009, visited December 2008)

Zuberoa Restaurant, Oiarzun, near San Sebastian, Donostia  (Published and visited in August 2008)

Seafood dish
Seafood dish


Topcu Restaurant, Akdeniz Mh., Vali KazIm Dirik Caddesi 5, Izmir, Turkey  (Published November 2012, visited October 2012)

St John Hotel Chinatown: Black pudding and eggs - detail
St John Hotel Chinatown: Black pudding and eggs – detail

United Kingdom

Wilks Restaurant, Bristol.  One Michelin Star at the time of the review. (Published December 2013, visited November 2013).

The Restaurant of St John Hotel Chinatown, 1 Leicester Street, London  (Published and visited October 2012).