History Matters – Ιστορικα Θεματα

Spyridon Mavrogenes
Spyridon Mavrogenes

This is a listing of the history topics that I have tackled so far.

The Battle of Marathon 490 BC (August 2014)

A short history of fishing cod in Newfoundland (May 2014)

The burning of frgate Hellas by Admiral Miaoulis (February 2014)

Captain John Saris (October 2013)

The Teutoburg Forest Battle (March 2013)

Hasan Tahsin Pasha: A hero, a traitor, or just not up to his responsibilities? (February 2013)

Fernand Braudel, French Historian  (February 2013)

Magnas Societas Catalanorum (The Catalan Company) in 14th century Byzantium (December 2012)

Anselm Kiefer
Anselm Kiefer

Sheikh Beddredin (Badraldin Mahmoud Ben Israel Ben Abdulaziz): Preacher and Rebel (September 2012)

Smyrna, September 1922: When Paradise turned into Hell (September 2012)

Wednesday, 28th April 1909: From Yildiz Palace in Istanbul to Villa Allatini in Thessaloniki (April 2012)

Golo Mann: The History of Germany since 1789 – Part I (July 2011)

6th – 7th September 1955, Istanbul: Pogrom against the Greeks (September 2010)